I am an acclaimed Actor and published Author, who coaches other actors. I have and continue to star in some of the most popular television shows and films to date. I know what goes on in the audition and on the set, because I live it everyday.


As an actor, I was initially trained under Jeffrey Tambor, one of the greatest "character actors" alive and working today,  with 5 Golden Globe Nominations under his belt. Jeffrey's approach is "this is how it goes!" Which means its not about being right, its about telling your story! From there I studied with Ivana Chubbuck, who is a masterful script analysis teacher.


As a working actor I know all the pitfalls that lead up to the audition; lack of confidence in breaking down a script, the uncertainty of how to prepare for the audition. That feeling on the ride home, of not doing what you wanted to do in the audition.


I show you how to overcome those things that sabotage your audition. When you know what you're doing, you're better at what you want to do.